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via IFTTT If you are suffering from general anxiety, panic or fear over the coronavirus pandemic and the associated lockdown restrictions, self isolation and social distancing, counselling and psychotherapy can help. Contact The Hove Counselling Practice if you would like help and support in managing your anxiety and to identify strategies for coping. Online counselling through Skype, Zoom or telephone counselling is offered.

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The restrictions on social gatherings, access to bars, clubs, theatres and leisure activities and the need to work from home is radically altering the way individuals and couples up and down the spend  their waking hours. Everyone is now having to spend such time at home and this can present serious challenges to couples, particularly those in relationships already on shaky ground. Take time to prepare and plan ahead for how you are going to manage personal and shared space with your partner. Whether you are struggling in your relationship or not, it can be helpful to maintain interests outside of your relationship, so that you have a clear sense of personal identity. Online or telephone counselling with a couples therapist can also help.

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via IFTTT – online and telephone counselling for managing the anxiety and stress related to the coronavirus pandemic, self isolation and social distancing.

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Maybe you have been thinking of contacting a therapist for a while now, to address some personal issues that you’ve been battling, only to find yourself now in the midst of social confinement with little opportunity for face to face therapy.  Whilst this may be disheartening and frustrating, it is also a good time to seriously consider the benefits of other modes of therapy such as online or telephone counselling which can be can be surprisingly convenient, effective and supportive.

Online therapy offers a number of advantages.  The fact that you are ‘meeting’ your therapist from the comfort of your own home, for example, means that there are fewer things to distract you such as the details of the room that you are sitting in. This makes for an increased sense of closeness with your therapist as he or she will be the sole focus of your attention. If you are not accustomed to speaking with people using online conferencing technology at work or communication channels online it may seem a little strange and unnatural at first. However, once you start talking and engaging with your therapist, you may find that you become fully immersed in the dialogue and your initial resistance disappears. Online therapy provides a safe and confidential space within which a client can talk about their difficulties in the presence of a professional who is trained to listen.

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If you are dwelling with somebody who has periodic “bad days” whether physically or mentally, this can be difficult to stomach, particularly at the end of a day when your own psychological resilience is possibly feeling more than stressed.

This might possibly be simply because your partner has periodic depression or lives with acute stress and anxiety and panic disorder. Or they be susceptible to picking up many health issues or feel really unwell around a monthly period. Whatever the cause, it may be really challenging for you to begin addressing the needs of your soulmate without experiencing restiveness or irritability and then potentially suffering due to the fact that you feel guilt ridden?

You may perhaps resent the fact that your other half needs you to undertake all the family chores and prepare meals on a “bad day,”especially if you are exhausted yourself after a hard day’s work.

You may struggle to display any empathy at times where you have either been wound up or distressed by something yourself throughout the day, feeling that you do not have a release within your romantic relationship, for your personal feelings at these times.

If ever you end up in a scenario like this, feeling just like you are struggling to cope when your spouse is less available, then couples therapy can support you in exploring how best to look after your intimate relationship at such challenging and difficult times.

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Isn’t it simply the most incredible sensation in the whole world when you fall madly in love with another person? The sheer delight that comes over you when you wait on their messages is exciting, and you cant stop thinking of them everyday. It’s a fantastic sensation, and you’re alive, elated and upbeat … And afterwards eventually, you move in together. You get married, and maybe have children together.

Then the troubles begin to surface, and slowly as time goes on, they increase. You might find yourselves bickering or feuding with each other more and more; saying painful things, blowing up, threatening perhaps to split up in your anguish.

If you mull over back on the start of your relationship, you might be puzzled around how you have reached this situation.

Couples Therapy Hove can serve to help when you do not have an idea how to make things a lot better. A psychotherapist can enable you to comprehend how your individual differences might be seriously impairing the kind of connection and interaction with your spouse. With help and reassurance, you may rekindle a feeling of ardour in your spousal relationship and begin to create a much deeper connection with understanding and compassion.

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via IFTTT Brighton and Hove couples relationship counselling. Contact The Hove Counselling Practice on 01273 917732.

Are you seeking couples relationship help marital or intimate relationship problems? Perhaps you are wondering how the joyous place you were once occupied with your loved one could have fallen apart and deteriorated to where you are now. Couples relationship counselling and therapy can help.

It used to be great and you felt a real boost afterwards but over time, the magic has faded and a lot of the time you can’t be bothered. You don’t understand what’s happening in your relationship, how things could have fallen apart so. You wonder whether this is just what happens to couples with time.
Inside every adult is a child who knows how to be creative and play but most adults have forgotten this important part of themselves. If you are feeling bored by or disinterested in your sex life, then engage the playful child within you and start discovering how to have fun again.

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